Founder's Message


In recent years, the fishing boom has led to a significant increase in the popularity of jigging. Alongside this trend, manufacturers of products like metal jigs and hooks have also multiplied, and it seems that we are now in a saturated market.


When you step into a tackle shop...

You'll find rows of similar jigs at similar prices. It has become the norm, and anglers are willing to pay a premium for jigs they believe will catch fish. This phenomenon has become the foundation of the current market.


Our Approach:

Questioning the Norm: We challenge the status quo and question the ordinary.


Examining the Entire Process: We scrutinize the entire process, from manufacturing to sales.


Recognizing the Essence: We identify the core essence and reevaluate the true value.

Establishing Unique Production and Sales Channels: We create our own manufacturing and sales routes.


Aligning Value and Price: We strive to bring value and price into harmony.

With these principles in mind, we founded Rise Bell, aiming to disrupt the soaring prices of fishing gear.


Our goal is to unravel the perceived value of fishing gear, which often comes at inflated prices from major manufacturers, as a new entrant in the industry.


Origin of Rise Bell

RISE... It's when fish rise to the surface for their predatory actions.

When it turns into a boil or a feeding frenzy, anglers reach their peak tension!

That moment, marked by absolute addiction, is a privilege for anglers.

Once you've tasted that exhilaration, you can't forget it. It goes beyond being a hobby, and you become completely engrossed in fishing.

We want to be the ones who share the happiness of a life like that...

Rise Bell Concept

Fascinated by jigging, we find ourselves going out to the sea whenever we have free time.

Our passion grew, and we got our own boat, expanding our horizons even further...

Traveling all over the country, free from the constraints of location and time...

The answer to leading the process to successful catches led to the creation of Rise・Bell.


Rise・Bell's metal jig concept is built on three ideas:

1. Stable Catches in Main Territory: Pilot jigs that consistently produce good results in the main fishing grounds.


2. Delivering High-Value Jigs Beyond Major Manufacturers: Offering jigs that surpass those of major manufacturers in terms of value.


3. Pursuing Angler's Ideals: Taking on the challenge of creating a hybrid jig that aligns with the ideals of anglers.

Introducing "RiseBell" - A Revolution in Slow Jigging!

Get ready to redefine your slow jigging experience with RiseBell, the hottest name in the world of fishing gear. Our premium metal jigs are meticulously designed to elevate your angling game, offering unmatched performance, durability, and versatility tailored specifically for slow jigging enthusiasts.


Why Choose RiseBell for Slow Jigging?


Innovative Precision: Our jigs feature a cutting-edge design that ensures precise control and action, allowing you to maintain the perfect rhythm for slow jigging success.


Irresistible Colors: Explore our wide range of captivating colors and finishes, carefully crafted to mimic the appearance of natural bait and tempt a diverse range of target species.


Superior Durability: Crafted from high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, RiseBell jigs are built to withstand the toughest underwater conditions and the most tenacious opponents.


Tailored Selection: Whether you're hunting reef-dwelling predators or exploring deep-sea habitats, RiseBell offers a variety of profiles and weights to match your slow jigging preferences.


Advanced Lure Action: Our jigs incorporate cutting-edge technology to deliver lifelike movements, enticing fish from a distance and increasing your chances of hooking into the big one.



Join the ranks of successful slow jigging aficionados who trust RiseBell for exceptional results. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the art of slow jigging, our jigs are engineered to help you land more fish and create unforgettable fishing memories.


Elevate your tackle box with RiseBell today and experience the thrill of slow jigging like never before!


Visit our website at to explore our full range and embark on your journey to capturing your next trophy catch.



Discover the future of slow jigging with RiseBell - where innovation meets the passion of the angler!